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Three Trending Headline Writing Styles to Get Greater Traffic

Very often, people make the decision to visit a blog and read the content based on the headline. The headline, or title, is the main heading of any given content you go on to read online. By definition, a headline is an ultra-short summary of the content written. However, writers have been using headlines to instigate a sense of excitement and intrigue amongst readers since the published medium has been consumed on a mass scale.

Think about the headlines you see in a newspaper. Every once in a while, you will notice an innovative and creative headline which will make you read the content. For local publishers, writing catchy headlines is sometimes the only way of attracting people and increasing sales.

In digital marketing, headlines play a key role in driving traffic to a website. The internet is a crowded place where users have endless options to consume content. In a recent academic paper published in the blog of  DCA says that, Without a catchy headline, making people click on a link and view the content can be difficult. Some of the best digital marketing institutes offer entire classes on headline writing to impress upon students the need for strong headlines.

If one were to list down the best methods to write trending headlines, the list would be too long. In this article, we discuss three trending and popular headline writing styles which can help attract audiences to a given piece of content.

Statistics-Oriented Headline

You may have come across a piece of content with a headline stating an interesting statistic.

Stats make for great headlines because of two reasons. First, they convey the context and content of a piece of writing, and second, they help marketers in making readers visualize the content with the headline itself.

For example, if a headline states ‘Study finds 30% YouTube users are gamers’, someone reading would immediately be able to relate the context and content if, in fact, the content is relevant to them.

News outlets carry statistic-oriented headlines all the time. The main goal is to immediately inform readers about something that has happened. This is why people are able to stay updated with the news even if they only read the headlines.

Ask a Question

A lot of times, the content you write is aimed at solving a problem for the audience. For such types of content, using the headline as a field to ask a question is very common.

For example, if your content is a comprehensive guide on email marketing, a headline like ‘What is email marketing’ is accurate. This is a very generic example and writers have to be much more creative while writing headlines.

The problem with this style of headline writing is that its too commonly used. Unless you are solving a very unique problem very few other websites are addressing, using this style can be beneficial,

Exaggerated Claim

This may seem a little disingenuous, but it really is not.

According to Delhi Courses Academy, An exaggerated claim is not really ‘exaggerated. Instead, it highlights the most exciting part of a given piece of content. Let’s say you are reading an article on affiliate marketing. The first article headline is ‘What is affiliate marketing?’. The title is accurate but not exactly exciting.

The second article you read is titled ‘How to earn $20,000/month with affiliate marketing?’. The second title is a slight exaggeration, but not untrue as we know affiliate marketers can make $20,000 every month. Find the most exciting part of your content and amplify it in the headline to get more views.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three different headline writing styles for getting more traffic to your blog content.

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