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How To Make Explainer Videos Work for You?

In modern times’ explainer video services have become an essential service for businesses, as tough competition arises in every business niche, marketing & brand awareness become a challenge. Businesses worldwide are getting more competent & more efficient when it comes to advertising, marketing, & framing brand awareness strategies. Social media & SEO platforms have become an ideal platform for every modern business to experiment with their marketing campaigns.

The internet platform itself creates huge marketing opportunities for marketing, what’s better than using a video to your advantage? Today leading multinational companies & businesses like Apple, Samsung, Nike & Adidas use explainer videos or animated explainer videos to advertise their products & services to their potential customers. Animated explainer videos being the best type of explainer video services to advertise on the internet & social media platforms. Further, we discuss in detail animated explainer videos & how can you make an explainer video work for your business marketing & advertising campaigns.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are short informative marketing videos that consist of animations, & motion graphics. These animated videos help showcase the products & services offered by a particular brand, animated explainer videos are the most successful video types in the market as these videos help grab the attention of the audience 95% better when compared to other explainer video types. The average animated explainer video pricing can be £100 to £25,000 in the UK, it usually depends on the number of features, animations & motion graphics in your explainer video. Connecting to an animated explainer video company can help you get that perfect explainer video for your business.

Making Explainer Videos Work for Your Business

Explainer Videos have proven beneficial for brands & businesses to advertise & market themselves. Especially when it comes to modern times, Animated explainer & other explainer video formats have proven to be more effective when compared to other traditional marketing tools such as television ads, radio ads, advertising in newspapers & magazines which were often very expensive & had no real time insights. Instead, digital marketing platforms such as SEO & Social media platforms have proven to be more convenient, & an ideal platform for explainer videos to be used as a tool to reach your customers.

Brand Awareness:

Many new businesses that enter new markets often face the challenge of spreading brand awareness in nearby markets. It takes efforts to establish a brand when you face competition, especially in modern times, the competition is globalized. This dynamic creates competition as well as opportunities. Explainer video services can be used on social media platforms to spread brand awareness more quickly in new markets.

Brand Identity:

The identity of the brand is everything, many top brands such as Apple & Nike are known for their unique identity in the market. This would have been impossible without proper marketing, brands or businesses can use explainer videos to advertise, their brand uniquely with different advertisements & videos that set standards apart from the competition. Further brand identity can be very beneficial in the long run & explainer videos can work for the good of creating a strong brand identity in the market.

Increase Sales:

Explainer videos can act as a salesperson representing your business by advertising your products & services to potential customers. Your explainer video can consist of the product details, its benefits, and pricing, further, it can also showcase your services, client review, etc. Thus, acting as a virtual salesperson pitching your product & services to potential customers & clients. Companies that have used explainer videos for their marketing activities have noticed a 30-40% of increase in sales, revenue & profits.

Target Audience:

Explainer videos & animated explainer videos hold the potential to directly target your potential customers. You can script your explainer video based on the interests & likings of your clients, these videos can be specific & easily be a liking by your audience as you have complete control over what content you want in your video. Further social media platforms offer paid social media campaigns where you can choose your target audience based on preferences such as age, education, location, & interests making it easier to reach your target audience through an explainer video.

Best Explainer Video Production Company In UK

Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video services company in the UK that provides a wide range of services related to explainer video production all under one roof. At Explainer Mojo we are a team of professional video editors, & graphic designers that make us the best-animated explainer video company in the UK. We are a complete team that crafts the best explainer videos right from the script writing to the final animation, our team makes sure to complete the videos within the given time frame. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today, the best, animated explainer video company in the UK.

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