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How do you decorate your home with old things?

Adding vintage décor to your home is a great way to give it personality and flair.

Antique furniture, whether a treasured antique handed down through the centuries or a lucky purchase from a yard sale, has a history of its own and adds a personal touch to interior design.

Interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch says, “Not only are these pieces often beautifully crafted to stand the test of time, but they bring much-needed character and charm to what otherwise might be a more contemporary home.”

We offer professional design advice for adding old and antique items to your house.

Balance your colors

To mix vintage items into your home, use as much as your space can handle and balance it with thoughtful color combinations. For example, brown and light blue can harmonize with wood furniture. Avoid filling your home with too many items, which can turn it into an antique shop. In practice, mix old and new.

Try grouping collections

Grouping vintage finds can create a visually appealing effect, especially with textiles like kilim rugs or cushions. Antique plates can be displayed in glass-fronted cabinets or on shelves. Collecting multiples can simplify antique shopping, such as Murano glass vases or trinket boxes.

Be mindful of your design decades.

Consider your decades before adding antique and vintage items to your home.

Lucy Ward, Brand Director at Interior, says, “Sticking to three decades can ensure you avoid the space feeling confused and cluttered instead of characterful and quirky.”

 “Apply this thinking to the room’s structural elements and furniture. Imagine a dramatic art-deco chandelier, a huge 1930s chaise longue, and striking 70s wallpaper.

Add Vintage Home Decor into Your Bedroom

Antique furniture and accessories can create a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere in bedrooms; everything doesn’t have to match perfectly. Utilizing the idea of symmetry, combine objects with comparable designs or color palettes to create a harmonious whole.

Beside this four-poster bed, two mismatched wood dressers are nightstands linked by their similar finishes. Little old rugs on either side of the bed give a pop of color. Above the dressers, old artwork features a recurring nature theme, with pieces of similar sizes strung in a matching arrangement.

Choose Antique Lighting

Antique and vintage lighting is gaining popularity among homeowners for its decorative and functional qualities. The demand for vintage wall sconces has surged, with clients seeking unique, naturally inspired flora and fauna sconces or statement lights.

 This trend was particularly strong in the 1960s-80s, combining decorative and functional elements, making it a popular choice for style-conscious clients.

Restore Old Decorative pieces.

Restoring old decorative items like grandfather clocks, picture frames, furniture, and statues can be a rewarding and creative way to give your home a unique vintage look. To do this, inspect the item, identify any damages, remove loose or broken parts, and take a picture before working on it. Clean the item with a suitable cleaner and wipe away dirt, dust, or grime.

 Repair any cracks, holes, or gaps with filler, such as wood putty, epoxy, or silicone. Reattach loose parts and sand the repaired areas to match the original shape.

Finally, apply a new coat of paint, stain, or finish to the item, creating different patterns or textures. Seal the item with a sealer or varnish to protect it from moisture, dust, or scratches. If you cannot do it yourself, hire professionals to do these tasks.

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