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Guide to Selecting Handmade Concrete Ceramic Tile

What to look for – as well as look out for – when acquiring handcrafted concrete ceramic tile.┬áTake a look on Affordable Cement Floor Tiles Online.

When made well, handcrafted concrete ceramic tiles are mind-blowing. They create beautiful patterns that resemble superb carpetings when mounted. They can last a lifetime or 2 and are very easy to maintain.

Appears terrific, does not it? It is, IF you purchase a top-quality ceramic tile. You see, not all cement as well as concrete tiles are developed equal. Concrete tiles are handmade typically in tiny factories. Problems, products as well as quality assurance differ significantly from firm to business.


Regular density of the floor tile. The majority of are in the neighborhood of 5/8″.
Clear design definition. The design (if there is one) need to have a clear interpretation in between locations.
Uniformity and deepness of shades. The shades hold true and consistent from one ceramic tile to the following. (A percentage of color variant is regular.).
Straight, tidy edges. These enable the grout to remain between the floor tiles as well as not over them.
Honesty of tile. It should feel strong as well as solid as well as not crumbly.
Sufficient color layer. The leading shade layer ought to be approximately 1/8″ thick.

Visible Issues:

Numerous densities of ceramic tile that make them tough to install equally – from lack of uniformity in manufacturing procedure.
Layout is fuzzy – from pouring pigment sloppily or from a mold that has not been adjusted (made to make sure that it sits totally flat on the steel plate).
Major variations with the very same shade – incorrect measuring of shade pigments or poor quality pigments.
Major cracking around the edges – weak mixture or poor quality control.
Crumbly on the back (weak floor tile) – from inconsistent hydraulic stress or too much sand in the mixture.
Slim shade layer (less than 1/8″ thick) – from pouring inadequate color paste right into the mold and mildew.

Proportion of cement to sand – without the right ratio, the ceramic tile will not be solid as well as sturdy.

Quality of the pigments – if inexpensive pigments are used, colors may discolor (even premium quality blues and environment-friendlies will fade in straight sunlight).
When in doubt, request for Design Test News carried out by an outside testing company (not the floor tile supplier). One of the most usual ones are Abrasion Resistance, Absorption, and Coefficient of Rubbing. These examinations are executed based on uniform criteria established by ASTM International, previously called the American Culture for Screening and Materials. They are a great, unbiased way to insure that certain criteria are being met.


Keep in mind that this is a HANDMADE PRODUCT and not machined and also mass-produced. Search for quality yet not excellence. Allow the minor variants in the ceramic tiles advise you that you have something distinct as well as gorgeous.

Hand-crafted cement tiles from one top quality producer will certainly never ever look exactly the same as those made by another top quality maker. Different accumulations and pigments mixed right into the tiles’ upper color layer generate different looks. This becomes part of the appeal of master-crafted cement tiles. Discover the appearance you enjoy as well as go with it. For more info check Cement Mosaic Flooring Tiles

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