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Fuel Fiasco: What Happens When Diesel Meets A Petrol Car?

Putting the wrong fuel type in your car is a common mistake, but misfuelling with diesel in a petrol vehicle is less likely due to nozzle size differences. However, misfuelling a diesel vehicle with petrol is more common and can lead to severe engine damage.

Why Never Put Diesel In A Petrol Vehicle:

The primary issue lies in the functioning system of engines. Diesel engines use fuel to lubricate internal parts, a function not performed by petrol. Adding diesel to a petrol car can seriously damage the engine as it lacks the lubricating properties needed.

The Importance Of Car Insurance In India:

Under the 2019 Motor Vehicles Act, car insurance is crucial in India. Lack of insurance can lead to fines of up to INR 2,000, imprisonment for three months, and other penalties. Buying car insurance online protects against financial risks like theft, accidents, and damage, emphasising the need for coverage. *

Consequences Of Misfuelling:

Whether diesel is used in a petrol car or vice versa, engine damage is a significant concern.

  • Petrol Cars With Diesel Engines:

While misfuelling is less likely due to nozzle size, adding diesel to a petrol car can lead to clogged spark plugs, fuel system issues, misfires, exhaust smoke, and stalling.

  • Petrol Filled In Diesel Cars:

Misfuelling is critical, causing extensive engine damage as petrol lacks the lubricating qualities needed for diesel engines. This can lead to uneven performance, black exhaust fumes, slow movement, and engine failure.

Actions To Take If You Misfuel:

Promptly addressing misfuelling is crucial to minimise damage.

Diesel Filled In Petrol Cars: Topping up with petrol is advised if noticed during filling up and less than 5% of the tank is filled. If realised after filling up, do not start the engine; contact a tow truck, drain the diesel, clean the tank, and refill with petrol. If the engine is started, switch it off, drain the tank, clean the fuel lines, and refill with petrol.

Petrol Filled In Diesel Cars:

If the wrong fuel is in the tank, don’t switch on the engine. Tow the car to a repair shop, drain the tank, and clean fuel lines before refilling with diesel.

If driving with the wrong fuel, stop, turn off the engine, seek professional assistance, and tow the car to a service centre. Repair costs will vary based on the extent of engine damage.

Misfuelling is more common than one might think, often occurring due to distractions or fatigue. Staying focused during refuelling and avoiding tiredness is essential to prevent such errors. Buying car insurance online is recommended to mitigate financial risks associated with accidents or damages. Car policy provides coverage, and the online car insurance calculator can help determine suitable premium rates based on individual needs and budget. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Motor insurance benefits include coverage for theft, accidents, and damage, providing financial protection and peace of mind for vehicle owners. Car insurance renewal premiums should be carefully considered to ensure comprehensive coverage and cost-effectiveness for the upcoming policy period. Being proactive and cautious can prevent costly mistakes and ensure a smooth driving experience. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

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