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Easy Ways to Tackle Airbnb Laundry

Do you want to be an Airbnb super host someday? Are you trying hard to attract new guests every week? If you are trying to boost the popularity of your Airbnb guesthouse, then you may consider offering laundry services along with other amenities to the guests. Airbnb guests often face a lot of issues with doing their laundry work. It can be quite inconvenient and tiresome to do laundry work while on a vacation. As an Airbnb host, one should always strive to make the guests happier, and a guaranteed way to satisfy the guests would be to provide them with laundry services. Invest in a couple of units of washing machines and dryers for the guests. If you host multiple guests at the same time then you may need to buy commercial washing machines and dryers to wash piles of laundry quickly.

Moreover, commercial machines are also pretty useful for washing huge bags of towels and bedsheets at the same time. However, if you do not have the budget to invest in commercial washer and dryer units, then you can always reach out to Hello Laundry in London. Hello Laundry offers the best and most affordable laundry services to Airbnb guest houses across London. Read on to know more about tackling Airbnb laundry in cost-effective ways.

Easy hacks to handle Airbnb laundry

It takes about an hour and a half to wash and dry a single load of laundry. Set a day of the week and wash the clothes, towels, and sheets regularly to maintain cleanliness. Follow the tips below to get your laundry work done on time at minimal costs:

#1 – Focus on the bed and bathroom linen

Towels and bedsheets tend to get dirty very quickly. While towels become smelly after repeated use, bedsheets accumulate sweat and get stained by accidental spills. Wash and iron the bed covers and pillowcases at least twice a week. Clean the towels with soap and sanitizer liquid to promote the practice of good hygiene. If it is winter, then you should wash blankets and blanket covers as well.

#2 – Charge a nominal bill for laundry service

Installation and maintenance of commercial washing machines and dryers can be costly. As such, it would burn a hole in the wallet to offer laundry services for free to the guests. At the same time, charging an exorbitant sum of money for washing and ironing clothes might drive the guests away. The only way to host your guests while saving money on water and electricity bills is to impose a minimal laundry service charge on the guests. Take note of the number of times each guest uses the washing machine and dryer, and charge the guest accordingly.

#3 – Do not take sorting lightly

Sorting the clothes and other articles of linen makes laundry work a lot easier. Keep the whites separate from the dark-coloured clothes. Put the delicate and tough pieces of clothing in separate laundry bags. Sorting the clothes based on colours helps in preventing the mixing of colours during the wash cycles. It is also recommended to make a separate laundry bag for the smaller articles of clothing like underwear, handkerchiefs, and face towels.

#4 – Keep the mesh bags handy

Make sure that there is a mesh laundry bag in every guest room. Ask your guests to put their soiled clothes in the mesh bag. Mesh bags are quite useful for washing a pile of laundry. The mesh allows water and soap to pass through the laundry bag which facilitates washing of the clothes inside the bag. Collect the bags filled with dirty laundry from each guest room and put the bags one by one in the washing machine. Set the cycle to a medium speed and wait for some time until the washing is done. Mesh bags go a long way in making the laundry work easier and saving time.

#5 – Outsource the work to laundry service centres

If you are on the lookout for a reliable laundry service centre then look no further beyond Hello Laundry of London. The experts at Hello Laundry use mild detergent soap and gentle fabric conditioners to make the clothes smell fresh and shine like new. The professionals collect the soiled laundry from the registered address and deliver the clean clothes straight to the doorstep on the next day.


Now that you have quite a few tricks and tips for tackling Airbnb laundry up your sleeve, it is time for you to draw in more guests again. Stock your wardrobe with enough bed and bathroom linen, and remember to keep the extra linen under the lock and key. Maintain the washing machines and dryers in good condition and make sure that your guests pay their laundry service bills on time.

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