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Do Online Casinos Make Money From Free Slots?

Slots are the most popular of all the games that you find at online and mobile casinos. They are games of chance and that works hugely for them – you don’t need any special skills to win at slots; a slice of luck will do just fine. The bigger the slice, the better the reward for you!

Does a casino win money from its free slots? How do these games help unleash the fun side of online gambling? Read on to find out on Casino Meter!

What are Free Slots?

Let us start off by understanding what free slots are. These are slots that allow you to gamble for free – you don’t have to wager money when you play them; the casino loads your account with dummy credits that you use to place your bets.

You get to play the game, just like in the real money mode. And you can play for as long as you want. If you run out of dummy credits all you have to do is reload the game; the credits are reloaded automatically as well.

As great as the concept of playing free games is, one must wonder, what’s the catch? How does an online casino profit from such games? After all, it’s a business with the ultimate goal of generating substantial revenue, given the nature of the industry. In fact, there are various online portals such as No Deposit World, dedicated to promoting fantastic online casino offers as well as free slots online players would be dying to get their hands on.

Why Free Slots are Important to Players

Free slots are important to you, the player, for numerous reasons. They allow you to experience a game and understand how the various features in it work.

Because there is no money involved, you can play for as long as you like. The only thing that you may encounter is a pop-up appearing every now and then asking you if you wanted to switch to real money play. This is a great play mode not just for beginners but for existing players too.

You can play multiple slots in this mode at the casino; this is a great advantage to have, because once you understand how the various slots work you would be able to zero in on the game that best suits your style of play and then sign up for real money and play it.

Why Free Slots are Important to Casinos

Free slots are important to players; they are also equally important to casinos. They do a great job of attracting new players. Not just that; they also give existing players the opportunity to re-familiarize themselves with the game every now and then.

By giving a new player the experience of how a free spins bonus round works, for instance, at no cost, the casino earns itself a huge advantage – the realistic possibility of the player signing up with the casino for real money play.

How Casinos Make Money from Free Slots

There are 2 ways that a casino can make money off its free online slots. The first is an indirect way – by allowing a player to play his preferred choice of slot for free, the casino increases the possibility of having the player register for actual play with real money. And it gets this advantage at no cost – the free play mode costs nothing for both the player and the casino!

Many casinos offer the free play option to players as a reward for their loyalty: you get to play these games for a limited time period for free. A few casinos in fact tag a bonus as well to the slot for you to use. Once you pick up the bonus the wagering requirements and other conditions come into play, and the casino makes money off you even on the new slot.

Of course you will need to make a minimum deposit to be able to cash out winnings, but the amount you deposit is nominal when you consider the fact that you will be actually able to cash out winnings!

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